Best 4 Mexico Tee Times

September 2020

Front 9 golf jokes

Mike and Bob had just finished the the first nine and it was obvious that Mike was having a bad day. “Gee Mike, you’re just not your old self today, what’s the matter?” asked Bob. Mike, looking pretty glum, said, “I think Mable’s dead.” “That’s terrible,” said Bob, “you think your wife is dead. Aren’t

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Missed !

One pleasant afternoon, a Priest and a Nun were out golfing. The father deferred to the Nun on the first hole, and she hit a nice ball towards the green. The Father tees up, then smacks the ball into the woods. “Damn it! #$*^&%$#%^@$# %#&^%&!$, I MISSED!” he cries. “Father!” says the Nun, “You should

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Pitchfix PickCup

Facilitate safe golf with PickCup! The invention of PickCup is in large part a result of the new R&A and USGA rule that the flagstick can remain in the hole while putting a ball that’s on the green. Many golfers, when removing the ball from the cup, will insert their hand or putter between the

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Shot Scope sees improvements

Performance Data Tracked On 50,000 Golfers Worldwide Edinburgh, Scotland … Shot Scope (, a leading international manufacturer of GPS-based golf management systems, and maker of the V3 – golf’s first Smart Watch featuring Artificial Intelligence – has announced a series of game improvement trends the Company has uncovered based on performance data from over 50,000

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Arnie’s Final Tour win

Against a legacy of green jackets and Claret Jugs, a final-round charge at Cherry Hills and countless appearances in all corners of the globe, Arnold Palmer’s win at the 1973 Bob Hope Desert Classic would hardly seem to resonate. But, oh, how it meant everything to him. “The sweetest ever,” Palmer said that February Sunday

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Grand Coral Golf

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