Best 4 Mexico Tee Times

la Paz, one of mexico’s mos secure 2023 travel destinations

La Paz is the capital of Baja California Sur, a state in Mexico that is known for its natural beauty and cultural attractions. La Paz is a popular destination for tourists who enjoy water sports, whale watching, and exploring the nearby islands!

The State Department advises U.S. citizens to exercise increased caution in Baja California Sur due to some criminal activity and COVID-19. Some areas have increased risk, and Baja California Sur is one of them.

Here are a few PRO-Tips for people thinking of going to La Paz for Golf or Fishing:

  • Travelers should avoid traveling at night, especially on rural roads or highways. Always confer with resorts and reputable services on good routes and areas for tourists.
  • Avoid taking out wads of cash or displaying luxury items while out in town.
  • Travelers should use reputable hotels and transportation services, and avoid leaving their belongings unattended.
  • Avoid going further out from touristy areas and report any suspicious activity to the local authorities.

Travelers should also follow the health and safety guidelines issued by the Mexican government and the World Health Organization regarding COVID-19 and general hygiene. As the threat of COVID-19 dies down, one must still remember that in any foreign countries, one is more vulnerable to

La Paz is a beautiful and vibrant city that offers many opportunities for adventure and discovery. However, travelers should also be informed and prepared so that they can focus on having fun! By following the travel advisory and taking precautions, travelers can enjoy their trip to La Paz safely and responsibly.

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