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Loreto is the oldest town in the Baja California Sur peninsula, it was founded in 1697, it is a magical town full of history because it was the starting point of the Jesuit friars who went to the new territory of America to consummate their evangelizing work, reason why it is considered like the head and mother of all the missions of the state. All this and Best4golf Loreto tee time deals, make golf in Loreto a destination golfers should not miss!

Loreto is the only Magical Town settled on the shore of the Gulf of California. A charming place that combines the best of nature with colonial buildings that keep great secrets. The interior of the mission of Our Lady of Loreto contains liturgical objects, oil paintings from the 18th century, a baroque style altarpiece in gold and the figure of the virgin that was used by Juan María de Salvatierra to found the mission in 1697, true treasures for those who they like sacred art.

A typical dish of the place is the delicious chocolate clam, and its ancestral preparation is a classic that you can not stop trying: the tatemadas. To make the famous dish, the clams are buried under a layer of gravel on which dry bush branches are placed and set on fire. After a little less than an hour after the bonfire burns, the fire goes out and the clams are dug up. A special sauce made with mustard is added and it is accompanied with flour or bread tortillas. Many say that this way of preparing them comes from the pre-Hispanic era of the pericúes, while others assure that this tradition is no more than 200 years old; the truth is that the clam clams are unique and are from Loreto.


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