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Shot Scope sees improvements

Performance Data Tracked On 50,000 Golfers Worldwide

Edinburgh, Scotland … Shot Scope (, a leading international manufacturer of GPS-based golf management systems, and maker of the V3 – golf’s first Smart Watch featuring Artificial Intelligence – has announced a series of game improvement trends the Company has uncovered based on performance data from over 50,000 golfers around the world, and 65 million shots recorded using drivers, irons, wedges and putters.

“Our smart watch intelligence is unlike any in golf, for its proven to help golfer’s play better, while providing Shot Scope with a wealth of information that helps change the way our customers approach their round and manage their game,” said David Hunter, CEO, Shot Scope. “Through products like V3, our data shows that amateur players improve by three strokes thanks to the unique fusion of real-time, accurate distance information and automatic performance tracking technology.”

By aggregating and analyzing tens of thousands of golfer data points from players around the world, Shot Scope has uncovered several game improvement trends, including the following key metrics:

Golfers don’t hit it as far as they think …

Using Shot Scope’s Performance Average Metric, which removes all outliers (both good and bad), nearly 70% of golfers hit it less than 250 yards off the tee. This probably comes as a surprise to most golfers, as overall average off the tee is 225 yards. Using the Performance Average Metric, Shot Scope has also broken down individual iron distances based on handicap ranges, which highlights how far the Company’s worldwide golfing community hits each iron, ranging from 4-I through 9-I.

Hit Driver instead of 3 wood …

Shot Scope’s Performance Average Metric also shows a 28 yard distance gap between 3 wood and Driver off the tee. Considering there is relatively equal accuracy off the tee, the Driver should always be the club of choice when the hole layout allows. Moreover, the data shows that the closer a golfer is to the hole, the closer the next shot goes, suggesting that golfers should aim to get as far down the hole as possible. Thus, hitting the Driver off the tee makes this easier.

Don’t lay up …

According to Shot Scope data, the closer golfers get to the green, the closer they will hit the next shot. In fact, the proximity is cut in half between a 9 iron and a 4 iron. Overall, laying up costs golfers more than one half shot per hole. This could cost nearly two shots per round depending on how many Par 5s there are on the course (3 par 5s in this example).

Further additional benchmarks of golfer performance include the additional shots golfers will incur during a round, based on the following:

Leading Shot Scope’s data capture technology is the V3 Smart Golf Watch, the first multi-function watch to feature artificial intelligence and offer golfers real-time on-course performance tracking capabilities. V3’s patented Power-Sense AI strap technology captures data on every shot, delivering golfers instant feedback to better understand their swing and reach optimal performance.

The V3’s Power-Sense AI strap technology works automatically in the background to continuously scan the golfer’s swing settings to optimize performance tracking. The technology creates an ever-increasing volume and accuracy of data collected from the golfer during play, leading to more insights and statistics that help the player understand their game better, improve on-course strategy and shoot lower scores. The more rounds the golfer plays with V3 the smarter the AI technology becomes, eventually producing highly refined settings that are personal to that individual.

As a distance measuring device, the V3 utilizes not one, but two GPS antennas. This ensures V3 provides industry leading GPS accuracy on the golf course. The V3 library, which is mapped in-house at Shot Scope, features over 35,000 courses worldwide that are accessible with no subscriptions or interruptions, and free upgrades. The easy-to-navigate, daylight readable color screen, which also switches to watch mode (date and time) for everyday use, offers highly accurate dynamic distances in large fonts, in either yards or meters, to the front, middle and back of the green, plus every bunker and water hazard on the course, regardless of angle of approach for enhanced course management.

Hunter adds, “The more course and distance information golfers have during a round, the better they will play. Likewise, the more intel golfers can receive on their shotmaking, the more they will improve. That’s why easy-to-use innovations like the V3 Smart Watch are so vital to game improvement. There has never been anything like it.”

The Shot Scope V3 Smart Golf Watch, which is available immediately, includes 16 pre-labeled Club ID tags and comes in five stylish watch strap options, including black, blue, red, gray and purple. Suggested retail price for the Shot Scope V3 is $219 and can be purchased at Dicks Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, PGA Superstores,, golf specialty stores or online at

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