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Covid 19 – Updates

Covid 19 Updates

January 29th, 2021

Dear Partners –

Following the implementation of Los Cabos’ COVID-19 Testing Program, we wanted to provide you with a progress update on the destination’s response.

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, airlines at the Los Cabos International Airport started to require proof of a negative COVID-19 test result from all visitors departing to the USA. Thanks to the support of private and public partners, Los Cabos executed a successful program to 1) ensure availability of “Antigen” tests across all hotels, villas, and timeshares, 2) provide safe and easy access to onsite testing, 3) offer low to no cost on the “Antigen” test and competitive costs on the PCR test, and 4) streamline the communication between state health authorities and medical personnel administering the tests across all lodging facilities.

During the first four days of implementation, we’ve had a positive response from visitors, travel partners, and international media and wanted to provide you with some preliminary results to-date:

  1. 2,231 travelers tested
  2. Confirmed availability of “Antigen” tests across lodging facilities
  3. Smooth operation of the mobile COVID-19 testing unit installed at the airport for emergencies
  4. Positive testimonials from travelers who found the process safe and easy to follow

Additionally, Los Cabos’ executed a strategic communications program to effectively communicate the destination’s rapid response to the new CDC requirement, build awareness of our testing program, and increase confidence from US travelers. The results include interviews secured with trade, travel and consumer publications garnering 14 pieces of coverage and over +192 millions of earned media impressions.

Below is a snapshot of coverage highlighting Los Cabos’ response: 

    1. The New York Times: Testing Requirement Is the Latest Curveball for the Travel Industry
    2. Los Angeles Times: New COVID rules now in effect for U.S. travelers to Baja and beyond
    3. The Washington Post: What American travelers need to know about getting a covid-19 test in Mexico
    4. Travel + Leisure: All Hotels and Timeshares in Los Cabos Will Now Have On-site COVID-19 Testing to Comply With CDC
    5. Travel Pulse: Los Cabos Unveils COVID-19 Testing Program
    6. Travel Weekly: Mexico’s destinations and resorts respond to CDC rule
    7. Travel Daily News: Los Cabos implements a new COVID-19 testing program for all visitors

We’ll continue to provide timely updates on the testing program and key travel indicators that will lay down the foundation for Los Cabos’ tourism recovery in 2021.

As always, feel free to reach out to us for information or any questions you might have. To stay connected with Los Cabos’ latest news on the testing program, please visit

Rodrigo Esponda
Visit Los Cabos Travel

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