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$6m (USD) investment planned for a world-class resort in Loreto

$6m USD Investment in Loreto

Global Capital Partners Fund is helping bring a spotlight to Loreto. The commercial lending firm is helping construct a world-class resort in by lending $6,000,000

Resorts are among the few highly profitable real estate investment opportunities that offer high returns. Considering that Mexico is a perfect vacation spot for many Americans, GCP Fund secured quite an investment with this deal. They have helped fund the land acquisition for this project and agreed to pool into the pre-construction financial needs.

A company representative stated, “We have been providing lending services for private and commercial companies for many years now. Our team consists of leading senior brokers with in-house writers to eliminate time wastage and draft necessary documents faster.”

He further continued: “The United States has many commendable business opportunities that we have discovered over the past many years and invested in. However, our seniors had been interested in branching out and seeing what other countries had to offer.”

GCP Fund assures its clients get the best and most competitive rates and terms for land acquisition to help meet their financial objectives. The terms and conditions of the deal are based primarily on the client’s needs that can be as little as assisting in land purchase or as grand as financing the entire project.

Finding a reliable source of financing can be quite challenging for businesses as it often comes at a high cost. Being unable to arrange the finances required to close a deal within a specific time frame can end up in massive losses for the business. Recognizing this, Global Capital Partners Fund has filled the gap with quick loans starting from $1 million and going as high as $100 million.

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