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How Often Do PGA Tour Players Change Balls?

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Golf is a laid-back sport for some and extremely competitive for others. If you hold your buddies to the PGA Tour standards, you’re not alone. Many hobbyists adhere to PGA guidelines and rules quite strictly.

But sometimes, they end up misinterpreting certain rules and holding themselves to higher standards than pro golfers. And the PGA one-ball rule is an excellent example of that. So, how often do PGA Tour players change balls?

PGA Tour Players change balls every 5 to 6 holes. They can change their balls after every hole but don’t find it optimal. Only when the ball is in poor condition do they opt for a fresh ball. But in no way do PGA Tour players finish a game with a single ball.

The erroneous notion of PGA players playing with a single ball stems from the PGA one-ball rule, which we will cover in this article alongside other relevant information like the effects of playing with a scuffed ball and how often golfers lose their balls.


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